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If you need perfect Sushi Making Kit and make sushi rolls like a PRO or a lot of fun with the family and friends please click the link below thanks.

PERFECT ROLL EVERY TIME - follow the 4 EASY steps of Sushi Making Kit and make sushi rolls like a PRO. Made for adults but children just LOVE IT. Create great parties where all members of the family and friends proudly create their OWN Rolls.

MAKES ALL 4 KINDS OF MAKI WITH SUSHI KIT - (Futomaki, Maki, Uramaki and Hosomaki) - Simply change the position of the ruler and make all 4 kinds of Maki Sushi Maker: Big or small roll andSeaweed or rice outside.

FULL STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED Plus instruction on how to cook the rice, how to make sushi vinegar and example of recipes for the four kinds of Maki and list of ingredients for making sushi.

BEST SUSHI MAKER ON THE MARKET - DIY KIT - You won't find it anywhere else!

Food grade material - Non-sticky Teflon mat

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